10 Things You NEED This Summer


Fabulous Summer Finds

I found them… 10 things you NEED this summer! I spend hours shopping online so you don’t have to. I’m a good friend like that. So, without further ado, here they are… (This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see below)


1. I am OBSESSED with this cooler from! It’s pink, keeps tons of food and/or drinks cold, and it says “Baby, please just chill out for like two seconds”. The “I”s are dotted with hearts, you guys. Cute and funny. That’s how I like em.

10 Things you NEED This Summer

2. Speaking of bags, Summer is for TRAVEL! This duffel is so sunny and cheerful, and it’s perfect for a weekend away.

10 things you NEED this summer


3. We have a pool, so for me, summer means lots of swimming with the littles. This year I am kinda obsessed with pool floats.. They have gotten so much cuter in the last few years, Amiright?? This cactus float makes me smile, it’s a must have!

!) Fabulous Summer Finds


4. If you are going to have a fabulous pool float, your drinks need one too, don’t they? Okay…maybe not absolutely necessary, but this pineapple drink float is just too fun!!

10 things you MUST have this summer


5. Round towels are all the rage right now. I’m loving them. This one has such a fun print, and makes me start humming that John Denver song. Happiness everywhere!

!) MUST haves this summer


6. I hate taking a drink somewhere and having the bottle sweat, or worse, the drink gets warm! No worries with this water bottle from Corksicle. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours!! And I love this color, it reminds me of Tiffany’s.  There are a ton of colors, and it comes in 4 different sizes (9, 12, 25 and  60 oz) I won’t tell you how I know this,  but it works great for white wine.

!) MUST haves for Summer


7. Quick story: I took the kids on a road trip from Iowa to South Carolina in 2015. It was the summer when there were numerous shark attacks in the Carolinas. (Great planning, Paula!) We were in Hilton Head (where they hadn’t had any problems). I took the kids to the beach, and we stayed very close to the shore. My daughter, Coco was 12 at the time. The kids were bringing me shells for their collections. They had only gone about anke deep in the water. Coco came and showed me what she had found. Without thinking, I told her “So cool! That’s a shark tooth.” She immediately turned around and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. “Why did you do that?” I asked.  “What if he comes looking for it?” was her oh so honest answer.  She was afraid that the shark would literally swim up and be pissed that she had his tooth. I love that kid!!

The point of the story is: Coco’s getting this towel this summer. (Cue evil mom laugh)

10 MUST have finds for Summer!


8.  Yes, it’s another pool float! What can I say, I love the things. I am also currently obsessed with all things flamingo, so this baby is in my pool. The kids have named her Fanny the Flamingo. Frankly, I think they just like saying “Fanny” all day. I know I do.

10 MUST have finds for Summer


9. Adorable tote alert! I am sucker for all things Nautical (I wish I had a boat…), and this tote definitely fits the bill! Love the rope handles, it’s the perfect tote for a day at the beach.

10 thingss you NEED This Summer




10. When drinking on a pool floatie, it is best to have a lid and a straw. Otherwise you might end up wearing your drink instead of drinking it. That’s where our final must have comes in! The black/white/hot pink color scheme is one I adore, and who doesn’t love hearts? I use this cute tumbler all summer long.

10 Things you NEED this summer

So, there they are, The 10 things you NEED this summer! I hope you found something you liked, or just enjoyed looking through some fun stuff. Let me know what your must haves are for this glorious season in the comments below. Cheers!


NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may be compensated if a purchase is made through a link here. The price you pay will not change as a result. All the opinions contained in this post are purely my own.


42 thoughts on “10 Things You NEED This Summer

  1. I love the tote as well. Probably my favourite item in this post. Though I have to say, that cool water bottles are my weakness… Great post!

    1. Mira, Thanks for taking a look! I can’t tell you how much I love that bag!! ? I have way too many water bottles. But the Corksicle one is the one we all fight over. I’m going to have to pick up a couple more. There are so many great colors, and it keeps things COLD so long (like, there’s still ice when I wake up.)

  2. Omg! This post is great. The cooler is adorbs and I love the anchor tire bag. My bff is obsessed with flamingos and I’m sure she’d love the flamingo float! Too cute. I can’t believe it’s summer already

    1. Victoria, Thank you so much!! I’m absolutely in love with all ten things! Flamingos should be everywhere, in my opinion. ? I can’t believe it’s summer either, I was totally unprepared this year. That’s how this post came about, actually. ?

    1. I know that feeling! The number of water bottles in this house is ridiculous! But…cold for 24 hours, and its cute?!? No brainer!! ?

    1. Ericka, Thank you!! I’m glad you liked them. I think everyone needs some whimsical things in their lives. ?

  3. oh my gosh at first i thought the cooler was a tote! i would’ve never found this if it wasn’t for your post! great ideas for summer!

    1. Daisy, Oh, I’m so glad you found it!! It’s just the cutest, I can’t get enough of it. Possible side effect: you might start saying “Baby, just chill out for like two seconds ” to your loved ones! ?

  4. Really LOVE all of these items! So cute and fun for summer. Probably going to be purchasing at least one….even though my bank account says not too 🙂

    1. Courtney, Right?!? You won’t be sorry! I have them all…just great! Thanks so much for reading! ?

  5. Cute cute cute! I love that cooler bag! I think I need to get it… The floaties are really sweet too! Great roundup!

    Lilac & Style

    1. Kaitlyn, Thank you for checking it out! I highly recommend the cooler! is a great (and really fun) brand! ?

    1. Rachel, isn’t it the cutest? Seriously, sign me up for anything in that color! ?? Thank you for checking out the post!

  6. I love everything on this list! That shark towel looks fab! And I’m also obsessed with floaties! Lol! One is never enough? Thanks for sharing this great list! 🙂

    1. Andrea,
      I’ve been joking with my kids that there are so many floaties in our pool that we can’t see the water (or float anywhere…)! Thanks for checking out the post!!

  7. OK, love the cactus float! Now I just need a pool!!!
    I also LOVE that round towel… I’ve seen it before but haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet!
    Great summer pics!

    1. Kimberly,
      I’m so happy you like the things I featured! I absolutely agree, the cactus float and round towel are must haves. Too fun! Thanks so much for reading!

    1. I am ALL ABOUT the pool floats! I swear, our pool is filled with them! I’m so glad you enjoyed them!!!!

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