11 Girl Boss Office Embellishments You Will Fall in Love With

I’m a GIRL BOSS. In fact, as the first (and only) female Senior Partner in my law firm, I’m essentially the OG girl boss around here. I love that. In fact, I love my job. It has been my dream since I was four to be a lawyer. Although I love my job, my profession and my coworkers, sometimes I don’t love WORK.

Work can be…let’s just go with “less than fun” sometimes. I have been a trial lawyer for 17 years, and sometimes the stress makes me want to pull my (or someone else’s) hair out! I learned a long time ago that my office could be my refuge. I have it stocked with things that make me happy, things that help me unwind, and things that just make the day go by a little easier. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorites, hopefully you will find something that you can incorporate into your workspace to add a little “happy” to it!



Here’s a little secret about me. I have never had a sip of coffee. Ever. I have been a Diet Coke Girl for as long as I can remember. In law school, I would drink 5 of those 20 oz. bottles every day! Despite the fact that I don’t actually DRINK coffee, I have a mild obsession with coffee mugs. I used to put my Diet Coke in them, but I’m developing a real love for tea now, which is much more “mug appropriate”. I just love this mug, it says #Girlboss right on it. Perfect.


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs


As a lawyer, I use files all day, every day. The ones we use officially in our office are beige, and oh-so boring. I get it, I can follow the occasional rule. For files that I use personally though, I need a little more pizazz! These files are just the thing. My Favorite one is “Bang Head Here”.  One day I actually did it!



What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



Do you feel Zen when you’re at work? Yeah, me neither. This little Zen Garden definitely helps me feel a little more relaxed, though, and with my job, that’s a tall order! I keep it next to my phone, and I rearrange the little rocks and  rake patterns in the sand while I am on conference calls. It doesn’t take concentration, but it’s crazy how calming raking sand can be!


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs




Unicorns and Mermaids. I freaking love them! This paperclip holder makes me ridiculously happy!! I pair it with brightly colored paperclips (see below) to craft a magnificent mane for him. It’s the little things.


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



Papercloops. Say it with me…Papercloops. How much fun is that to say?? I LOVE these circular clips. They are even better than paperclips for holding papers together, IMHO. Even better, they come in a ton of great colors, and they are perfect for the mane of  my magical unicorn. Just another way I brighten up my day without being too terribly subversive.


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



Post-its are life. I use them about 100 times a day. When I am giving feedback, or need to send a message, I like to use these Post-its from Knock Knock. They’re funny. I am always looking for ways to inject a little humor into my day, and the days of my partners. Luckily, they get me. There aren’t a lot of lawyers who would take having a memo returned to them with a Post-it that says “Seriously?” and a snarky note very well. They’ve learned that it’s just part of having me as a partner. Too late to take that vote back now, fellas!


What Every Boss Girl's Ofiice Needs



I have recently become an aromatherapy devotee. For years, I had such severe sinus and allergy issues that  I literally could barely smell anything. Those issues have been resolved for the most part (thanks in part to aromatherapy) and I have discovered that there is an essential oil for pretty much anything that ails you. I have this diffuser in my office. It’s fantastic because it’s a diffuser, and a humidifier. But wait! There’s more!! This great set comes with eight essential oils as well. All for less than $35. YASSS!!


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



Sometimes, you have to remind the people you work with that you’re a badass girl boss. That’s where this little pen holder comes in. Stab him. Kill him dead with your pen and let his corpse serve as a warning to those who seek to trifle with you in the future. Message sent!


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



Bamboo is said to bring luck and good fortune. Who couldn’t use a little luck at work? This live bamboo plant lives in my office, and is amazingly forgiving! It doesn’t need much water (which makes us a perfect match since I have a black  thumb). Bamboo lives for years, and the ceramic vase is simple and elegant.


What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



I bought this mood flip chart to amuse myself. My partners LOVE it. I have it sitting on a shelf in my office that can be seen from the hall. I keep it up to date, and they know when they should stay away at all costs! Lol! It saves us all a lot of heartache. Bonus: It’s hilarious.

What Every Boss Girl's Office Needs



Every Girl Boss needs some bling. I fell in love with these  pens filled with crystals the minute I saw them. I feel very Coco Chanel when I use them, I’m certain she would approve! They look like a million bucks. They come in a set of 12 for under $20! The amount of writing I do every day makes me a snob about pens, and these are a pleasure to write with.

What Every Boss Girl's office needs

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of things that make my work life a little brighter and a lot more fun! I think every Girl Boss (and aspiring Girl Boss!) should find ways to make themselves happy during those hours at the office.

All of these items are available from Amazon. If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you can click the image below for a free 30 day trial. I won’t get into my deep and abiding love for all things Amazon here, suffice it to say it’s  a life-changer! Free two day shipping was just about the only perk offered when I signed up YEARS ago, and it was absolutely worth the membership fee. They have everything under the sun!! Since then, it seems like every time I turn around, a new perk is being added (Prime music, prime video, the ability to borrow Kindle books, and many others) and the price has stayed the same! I loooovvvveeeeee it!


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