Here we go! My first blog post

Hello, and Welcome! I’m Paula, and I’m so happy you’ve found my blog! Let me introduce myself…

I’m a Lawyer. A Mom. A seeker of knowledge, and vitality. I crave comfort, laughter and wine. I am in this crazy, wonderful life, just like you. Trying to figure it out, and have some fun along the way. I’m solidly in my 40s, and I’m dedicated to making the rest of my life the best of my life. I’m a member of the “sandwich generation”, with kids and parents who need my love and care. I want to hang out with my kids, snuggle up with a good book, or catch a plane going someplace exciting. I’m smart and I’m sarcastic, and I’m done apologizing for who I am and what I think. Aren’t you?? I started this blog to connect with other wild and wonderful people. I hope to share my thoughts, my stories, my favorite things, and my tips for kicking ass in this life while keeping your wits about you. I also hope you’ll let me know what you’re thinking and feeling so that we can learn from one another. Join me on this wonderful journey, I promise it will be fun. I am really looking forward to getting to know you!

11 thoughts on “Here we go! My first blog post

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging ! I’m at the door knocking to join you and thousands more who taken the leap. I’m also a member of the “sandwich” generation … it does get hectic sometimes but wouldn’t have it any other way . Good luck with your new venture.

  2. Congratulations on launching your blog! I’m new to blogging too. I’m a full-time working mom, with a blog (which is another full-time job), six kids (split between two houses), and just started school two weeks ago. It definitely scary, overwhelming, exciting, and fun! I’ve found that other bloggers are SUPER supportive, and are wonderful in sharing resources. Welcome to the blogging world!!

    1. Michelle, WOW!! You have a lot going on, sister! Thank you for the warm welcome. It means a lot! I look forward to connecting!

    1. Mandi, thank you so much! I’m working on something right now, I look forward to sharing it. I really appreciate your support!

  3. Congratulations on starting your blog, that’s so exciting! Love your site, keep up the great work! I started blogging about 4 months ago and love the fulfillment it brings to my life through writing and sharing experiences!

    1. Jenna, Thank you! I’m excited to get to know more about your blog. This is quite the adventure we’ve started on isn’t it? ?

  4. Hi Paula,
    I already like you and look forward to reading more. I’d like to jump on a plane and go anywhere over the ocean! Maybe I will see you in the air!

  5. Hi Paula, I found your blog through your instagram page, when you just recently followed my daughters new instagram @laura_jade_Jackson.

    I will be 60 years old in November and like many women I am juggling life, not quite recovered from losing my dear Mother after a long battle with Lung Cancer, along with looking after my father who has dementia, looking after family and trying to find time for myself.
    When I was 50 my goal was to pursue peace at all costs….. not quite there yet a decade later.
    Looking forward to following you on your journey.
    Kind Regards

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