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Amazing Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Oh, Wine! I love it so! My family and friends are well aware of my affinity for wine, so each Christmas I get one or two wine-themed gifts. They never fail to delight me! Do you have a wine enthusiast in your life? Read on…I’ve gathered together a fantastic list of gifts for them!


Winc Wine

Winc Wine is a monthly subscription that is custom tailored to your tastes! You start out by answering a questionnaire that helps them get to know you, and what you look for in a wine. You can choose all white, all red, a mix…whatever you want. For me, the best part of Winc is that it actually helps you become more informed about wine. Each wine comes with a card that explains the wines varietal, it’s origin location, has tasting notes, and even includes a recipe for a dish that would pair well with it!

Winc Wine


If you’re buying a gift and you know the tastes of the recipient well, a box of Winc would be a fabulous Holiday morning gift!!

$20 Off Wine. Yes, Please!

If you’re not entirely sure what types of wine they’ll love (or if you’re shopping last-minute) consider a gift certificate!

Give a Winc Gift Card


Wine Country Gift Baskets

Wine Country Gift Baskets is the Gold Standard when it comes to Gift Baskets. They produce high-quality baskets for any occasion, recipient, and price range you can imagine! We have all received gift baskets in our lives that were full of what I call “fluff and stuff”. You know, cheap stuff stuck in to fill out the basket. I have received many Baskets from Wine Country Gift Baskets, and everything is high quality and delightful.

While their focus is Wine (full size bottles, and many of their baskets have more than one bottle!), you can find an almost endless array of baskets for anyone. Coffee lover? Check! Chocolate lover? Check! The list goes on and on!

Many even have free shipping! Delight a loved one this year with a gift basket!

Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Collection



I just love the concept of Vinebox!! Instead of committing to full bottles of wine, Vinebox sends you a glass each of four different wines to try. They come in adorable little vials. Like what you try? You can order bottles through Vinebox!

Great gifts for wine lovers



Hilarious mug from Fox and Clover

Have you visited Fox and Clover? They have some really great things, and I just adore their mugs! I have a tea station in my bedroom (post featuring it coming soon, stay tuned!) and I have 4 of their mugs. This one is on my Christmas wishlist. Perfect for your wine drinking friend!

This might be wine mug


Chocolates from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

In my opinion, there is no finer indulgence than a glass of red wine or Champagne and some fine chocolate! Introduce the wine lover on your list to this treat with the best chocolate I’ve ever found, Vosges Haut-Chocolat!! They have the most delicious truffles, chocolate bars, and more. (Pro tip: if you are traveling, there are Vosges shops in O’Hare airport! The one in Terminal 3 is in the H-K terminal, and is right next to Bubbles, the Champagne bar!! Travel BLISS. You’re welcome. )

Truly ANYTHING form Vosges would make a delightful and welcome gift, but I’ve put a few of my favorites below. You can’t go wrong, believe me! For True decadence, add a bottle of bubbly!

Save 15% off your first order with the code GIVEHC 


Wine tumbler

I found this little cutie at Hattan Home, one of my new favorite online shops! This wine tumbler, (or “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” as I like to call it) comes in several great colors, holds a whopping 17 ounces, and is dishwasher safe! Win!!


Great gifts for wine lovers

Wine Totes From Sweet Water Decor

Sometimes, the best gift for wine lovers is a bottle of wine! Dress up that bottle for gifting with one of these precious wine totes from Sweet Water Decor!


Wine Socks

How FUN are these?? The perfect “Stocking Stuffer” Amiright???

Wine Not - Ankle Socks

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