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My Christmas Pinterest Adventure

I absolutely adore Pinterest. It’s my version of hoarding. Let’s be honest, we save TONS of things (recipes, crafts, DIY ideas, articles…) that we will likely never look at again. Virtual hoarding, I call it. At least, that’s where I am in my life now. But I was younger once…


Today, I logged onto Facebook, and there was a happy little message: “Paula, we thought you’d like to see this memory from 5 years ago”, complete with pictures. Quick mental math…Coco was 9, Jack, 4. Prime “I’m a Pinterest Mom” ages.


Well, it turns out that Pinterest can actually be a lot of fun! Jack saw the pictures and said “I remember that!” (Every time a child says that, a mom gets her wings). And I remembered it too…and it made me smile.


Here’s the thing, this craft was NOT DIFFICULT! All I had to do was unwrap a ton of peppermint candies (and try to keep as many as I could out of Jack’s mouth), lay them out next to one another on waxed paper on a cookie sheet, (the pictures show rounds, we also made square and rectangle). Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Let cool fully. Voilà!!! You now have an edible plate!!

Pinterest Win!


I was really in a Mom zone that year, so I made a bunch of them, and chocolate chip cookies (which may or may not have come from refrigerator dough…I’m not a machine!) and we delivered cookies to our neighbors  No plate to return, just crumble it up and eat it!


I can can die happy knowing I had at least one Pinterest “win” in my life, and…BONUS!…my kids were there to see it!


Have you had a Pinterest win (or fail)?? Tell me about it! Even better…share pics!!  XOXO

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