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Rahmieneh: Your Personal Jewelry Concierge

Meet Rahmieneh, my Personal Jewelry Concierge. She’s FABULOUS, and so is the Jewelry she designs!



About Rahmieneh:

Rahmieneh Ortiz was born in 1980 in Bradford, England. Both of her parents were born in Tehran, Iran. They moved to the United States in 1982, first living in California, then off to New Hampshire, New York, and Delaware.

In 1998, Rahmieneh began her studies at Penn State University, and several years later graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business from the Smeal College of Business. Penn State is where she would also meet her husband (who she married in Mexico in 2008).

After graduating, she decided to forego her medical degree, and along with her soon-to-be husband Carlos, they embarked on entrepreneurship. Their first major venture together was a men’s and women’s boutique named Velvet. They experienced the rise and fall of the economy between 2005-2008, and after closing the doors on all four Velvet locations, Rahmieneh gave birth to their first child, their daughter Zara, in 2009. She also wrote two books during that year, “Destination Weddings: The Fine Print”, and “Work From Home: How to Sell Clothes for Cash”, both of which can be found on Amazon.

Shortly after, her next venture in fashion was born, an online consignment website, which sells gently used/new/vintage clothing, shoes and accessories on eBay. In 2014, her son Sebastian was born, and in 2016, her jewelry website was unveiled, which can be found at Her passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with an extensive career in fashion, and a love for connecting with people of all walks of life, led her to diversifying her career online from clothing to jewelry and everything in between.

Rahmieneh currently resides in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with her two children, beloved husband, and their dog Oscar.

Personal Jewelry Concierge:

Rahmieneh and I first met on Instagram. I don’t know who followed who, or who commented on a post first, but I do know this: we’re soul sisters. You know that feeling when you just connect with someone almost instantly? That’s us! She is a kick-ass Girlboss, a Wife, Mom, and a truly wonderful human being. I count myself lucky to call her my friend!

After we met, I ordered a couple of pieces of her jewelry. A risky proposition if you think about it…ordering something you’ve only seen in a photo on social media. When the earrings arrived, I was not disappointed!! They were beautifully packaged, complete with a handwritten note from the woman herself (such a delightful unexpected touch). The Earrings themselves were incredible! I immediately took out the earrings I was wearing and put them on. They are extraordinarily well made, you can see the care in the craftsmanship. Not just that, they’re freaking GORGEOUS!

Here I am in my first pair. I must love them, because I absolutely detest taking selfies!!



I ordered more right away (That day. Seriously.) and again I was thoroughly impressed. After a few orders, I joked that she was my Personal Jewelry Concierge, and she had truly become that. She has an incredible ability to match the piece with the person, which makes her new venture all the more exciting (more on that below). She messages me when she has a piece she thinks I’ll like. She’s NEVER pushy (I’ve said no before). Her pieces are made in small runs, so I love that she knows what I like. Plus, I know there aren’t 10,000 other people with the same jewelry. I like that.

Here are just a few of her lovely pieces:


Over the last few months, we’ve developed a genuine friendship. She was 100% there for me when my dad died, checking on me almost daily. She’s caring and genuine and hilarious. I’m so very happy she’s part of my life.

So, when she announced her newest venture, I asked if I could do a post announcing it. Guess what, guys??? Now you too can have Rahmieneh as your own Jewelry Concierge! She’s started a subscription box service!!!


Rahmieneh jewelry


Rahmbox: YOUR Personal Jewelry Concierge Service

RAHMBOX is the monthly jewelry subscription of your dreams! Let this jewelry concierge service style you with jewelry from the uber popular accessories site, RAHMIENEH. With plans starting at only $39/ month, each RahmBox is shipped right to your doorstep each month and filled with high quality, statement jewelry unique to your style and taste.

GLAM your wardrobe in minutes – here’s how:

Every month, enjoy hand-selected jewelry exclusively for fabulous women like YOU!

EXTRA Free Jewelry With Your First Two Boxes!
Fun, Trending Fashion Accessories
Bonus Freebies and Coupons in Every Box
Special discount on everything at
Exclusive items not sold in the online store – just for RahmBox members
Yes, You Get to Keep it ALL!!
TIME – don’t spend another minute shopping – they do it all for you!
Don’t waste another second trying to style yourself, take just 5 minutes and choose the plan that will revolutionize how you get dressed every day!

You can find all the information by clicking here


Q&A with Rahmieneh

I thought it would be fun to do a little Q and A, and Rahmieneh was up for it:

1. What is the best thing about owning your own business?

The best part about having my own business is the feeling that whatever I put in, I’ll get out. If I decide to stay up later each night, work longer hours, try harder, be more creative, etc – I directly reep the benefits of my efforts. Working for someone else or another corporation can many times mean that no matter how hard I try, no matter how much extra effort I put into my job, it’s up to some “month reviews” for anyone to take notice of my talents, how hard I try, and/or my interest in making the company better to the best of my abilities. This company that I own right now has my name on it, and so it’s even more personal to me to make sure each and every customer is blown away by my products and my service. I’ve worked for other people in the past and I have always given 110% at each and every job I had, all for the benefit of that business. With this, I call the shots, I work extra and see the results almost instantly. It’s deeply gratifying!

2.  Who has inspired you?

I have been most inspired by my parents. They moved to this country when I was about 2 years old, without any family or friends around them. A new country, a new language, working jobs perhaps they may not otherwise have worked, all the while raising me (and then my brother who was born when I was 8) and showing us the best life that we could live. I learned to persevere, be passionate, be humble, and accept each and every person that comes my way as my equal. These qualities have served me well as a person in my community, a mother, a wife, and a boss lady!

3. What are your 4 all-time favorite Books?

My favorite 4 books of all time – ahhhh there are just so many! Sorry not sorry that some of these are kids books lol, I just can’t help myself…. they are, 1. Joe Biden, Promise Me Dad, 2. You are a badass, 3. Wuthering Heights, 4. The Witches by Roald Dahl, 5. Where the sidewalk ends + The Light in the Attic (sorry but these 2 are tied for #5!!)

4. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

ONE song?! Ok ok…one song for the REST of my life…my favorite song ever is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

5. What do you always have with you?

One thing I always carry with me: HOPE


I’m sure you can see why I think Rahmieneh is incredible. Do yourself a favor…pick up one of her pieces, you will LOVE it!


You can find Rahmieneh online at,,

and on Instagram:





2 thoughts on “Rahmieneh: Your Personal Jewelry Concierge

  1. These look like really beautiful and unique pieces, Paula. Signing up for the subscription is hugely tempting or even giving it as a gift to someone. Rahmieneh sounds like a remarkable person and a force to be reckoned with as an entrepreneur, I’ll have to keep this subscription box in mind:)

    1. Thank you, Marie! Your opinion means a lot! I highly recommend checking out her Instagram, she runs flash sales fairly often. It’s a fun way to try out her Jewelry. Let me know if you follow her. 😘😘

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