RIDICULOUSLY EASY Blackberry Compote

It’s been a while since I shared one of my RIDICULOUSLY EASY recipes. This one is a real doozy!! A Blackberry Compote that you literally cannot screw up. Only two ingredients!!

I had the best of intentions when I bought BlackBerries at the store a week and a half ago. They were on sale, and I had visions of all of the wonderful things I could do with them: make smoothies, mix them into yogurt, create fruit infused water,etc. etc. etc.

Cut to be yesterday. I had not made any thing with the blackberries, and their time was about to run out. So I either needed to pitch them or find something to do with him. I came across A photo of a gorgeous black berry compote and set out to figure out how to make it.

Guess what??? It’s ridiculously easy! Are you ready for this?

There are two ingredients:

1. Blackberries.

2. Water

You take your BlackBerries, put them in a pan with a splash of water, turn the heat up to high and let the black berry compote make itself. Stir a few times while it’s cooking, and faster than you thought possible, you will have a gorgeous looking thick black berry compote!! I used a potato masher to break up the blackberries once they were cooked.


RIDICULOUSLY EASY Blackberry Compote


Look at you! You made a delicious fruit compote. I just love how fancy “homemade blackberry compote” sounds!

This tastes delicious mixed in with some yogurt, or over fresh ice cream. Last night though, I was inspired! I decided to make a blackberry compote champagne cocktail. Let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious!

Look out: bonus recipe ahead!! For the blackberry compote champagne cocktail, just take a little bit of your compote, put it in the bottom of your champagne glasses, and pour champagne over them. So much better than a Mimosa!! If you want to get extra fancy (I didn’t) you could put a sprig of mint in the cocktail.


RIDICULOUSLY EASY Blackberry Compote

RIDICULOUSLY EASY Blackberry Compote


There you are! RIDICULOUSLY EASY Blackberry Compote (and a Champagne cocktail!)  It keeps well in the refrigerator, and even freezes well! Remember, no one needs to know it was easy!! Enjoy!




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