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Self Care Ideas for When Adulting is Too Hard (+ FREE Coloring Pages!)

Do you remember when all we wanted was to be grown-up? Well, we did it. Now look at us. Just look. We’re stressed out! Jobs, bills, kids, responsibilities…this is not what we were wishing for. It’s life’s paradox. We spend our youth wanting to be grown up, and spend our older years wishing we could go back to our youth. Well, we can go back. At least, for a little while! I’ve put together a list of Self Care Ideas For when Adulting is too Hard. Let’s reclaim our sense of fun and wonder!

1. Nap

Oh, how I wish I could go back and take all those naps I refused to take as a child!! What was I, nuts?? Naps are great. Naps are the BEST! If you are stressed to your limit, take a nap. It does wonders!

2. Color

I love the sudden popularity of coloring books for adults! I have a few, and I always feel better after coloring for a while. It’s a creative activity that is soothing at the same time.

My favorite quote right now is “The Best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety.” From Deepak Chopra. It is so true!! Get out a coloring book and scribble away!!

I love coloring so much that I’ve created some coloring pages for you! If you subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll send you 5 beautiful mandala coloring pages FREE!!

3. Don’t workout…PLAY!!

Instead of dreading workouts, look forward to playtime! I don’t lift weights or run on a treadmill. I do jump on a mini trampoline, which is crazy fun, and really good for you! For Christmas I got a weighted hula hoop. The kids and I fight over it. I jump rope, and ride my bike. Sometimes I do the monkey bars at the park. What did you love to do as a kid? Chances are, there’s a workout in it that you’ll look forward to!

4.  Eat dessert first 

I’m serious. Do it!  There’s something absolutely magical about being able to have a cookie or some ice cream before dinner. Go for it!

5. Throw a Tantrum

Why do we have to be well behaved all the time? Throwing a good old-fashioned temper tantrum is one of the best stress relievers out there! Scream, yell, stomp your feet, punch some pillows, go all out! You’ll feel so much better afterwards!

6.  Make some noise 

Do you know why toddlers love banging spoons on pots and pans, Or ringing bells, or blowing horns??  It’s fun!! So make some noise. Be loud and proud!

7. Blow bubbles

You can get a huge bottle of bubble solution at the dollar store and keep yourself busy and happy for quite a while. It’s mesmerizing to watch those beautiful bubbles catch the light of the sun. It’s fun to chase them around the yard, or watch your dog do it. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s so calming.

8. Shake up bath time

I really think that “bath mixologist” should be a legitimate profession. I could really excel at that job. There are so many great bath “ingredients” out there! Bubble baths,  bath salts, Bath oils, and bath bombs. I like to mix them together, or use them on their own. I add essential oils for aromatherapy. But my favorite kind of bath to take is the glow stick bath. Again, hit the dollar store. Grab some glow sticks, turn off all the lights in your bathroo, crack those babies and throw them in the tub. I do this for my kids, and sometimes I take glow stick baths myself! It’s so silly, it’s wonderful! Don’t forget tub toys!

9.  Dance like no one’s watching 

I love a good old fashion dance party! While I’m making dinner, or cleaning the house I turn the music up loud and dance around. I’m not a fantastic dancer, but I love it. And guess what? I’m burning calories along with stress!

10. Build a fort

Make a space for yourself. Just you. You can either make a fort like you did when you were a kid, (who’s going to tell you no? It’s YOUR stuff now.) or just shut the doors o your bedroom, gather up blankets and pillows (maybe a teddy bear), curl up on your bed, Netflix and chill.

11. Cry

The saying “big girls don’t cry” is a bunch of bull!!! When it all gets to be too much, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just sitting down and having a good cry. It’s cathartic, it’s good for you, it’s completely natural. Give yourself permission to express your feelings, get it all out!


Adulting is Stressful! I hope you  enjoyed my list of Self Care Ideas for When Adulting is Too Hard, and I hope you’ll implement some of them when you’re feeling stressed out. What do you do to relieve stress? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for something now! Now get out there and play!


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16 thoughts on “Self Care Ideas for When Adulting is Too Hard (+ FREE Coloring Pages!)

  1. Great ideas! I WISH I could nap during the day as I get so tired sometimes, but I seem to only be able to sleep when it’s nighttime.

    And regarding your second point, I got a sex positions colouring book as a secret santa gift last year!

  2. I love self care topics and even more so, this blog post of yours. Adulting really is stressful, I agree with you there. Some people might not always agree with what you’re doing or think you should do things differently. But it’s our live, therefore we should make the decisions, which means ones which will result in us looking after ourselves best.

    P.S. I love a good nap too!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more! We have to care for ourselves first. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your lovely comments. 🌷

  3. Such a great list! I love to do small self care activities when i’m stressed, like using a nice hand cream when i’m stressed and writing an essay, or going through a good-smelling skincare routine before studying so that my face feels fresh. Basically, I am trying to look after myself a bit more, which can be harder than it sounds! <3

    1. Those are great Self Care Ideas! It IS hard to put yourself first, it feels selfish sometimes, but it really isn’t! The only way I can be any good to the people I love is if I’m feeling good myself. Here’s to looking after ourselves in 2018! 🥂

  4. Great Post with some helpful tips. Self care is so important. Even if it’s a few minutes a days we need time out. Thank you for sharing. Mine has to be the dancing that’s me all over haha. 💚 #Mblogshares

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