The 25 Books Of Christmas: Our Favorite Holiday Tradition (Blogmas Day Two)

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time for The 25 Books Of Christmas! This is a tradition I started when my kids were pretty little, and it has become our favorite part of the holidays. It’s a great lead up to all of the excitement of Christmas Day, and (even better) it’s a way for us to slow down and enjoy family time each evening in December.

The idea is simple: prior to December first each year, I get 25 children’s picture books that we haven’t read. I wrap all 25individually, and put them in a big, festive stack in the living room on the last day of November. The kids are always excited to see them set out.

The first year, it was easy to find books, because we’d never done it before. The second and third years, I accidentally repeated a couple of books (whoops!) so, now I have a couple of tricks. I check Pinterest, if you search ‘Best Picture Books (Year)”, your work is pretty much done for you. You can do the same thing on Google or Amazon.

On the First Of December, the first book is picked (the kids take turns choosing). One child picks, the other gets to unwrap it. Then we snuggle up by the fireplace and, with one child on each side, I read the night’s book. We do this every night in December, up to and including Christmas night.

When I started the tradition, my daughter was 6 and my son was 1. I hoped that we would do it for 5 years or so before she tired of it. 8 years later, she’s a teenager, and the tradition is still going strong. In fact, she was the one who asked me in September :”Are we going to do the 25 Books Of Christmas this year?”. I tried not to act surprised, I did a happy dance only in my head. A chance to snuggle up with my 14 and 9 year olds every night for a month?? Yes, please!!

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new ideas!



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14 thoughts on “The 25 Books Of Christmas: Our Favorite Holiday Tradition (Blogmas Day Two)

  1. This is such a cute idea! We have stopped buying books recently and just use the library as my daughter has so many. We have been doing the elf on the shelf and we always do loads of Christmas crafts. Jaimi

    1. I can certainly relate to having too many books!! Each year after Christmas, each child picks their two favorites from the 25, and we donate the rest to elementary schools and the children’s wing at the hospital. 🎄

  2. I have been doing this for three years now and I love it! We added my infant to the family this year, so we get to go back and find board and baby books that we didn’t get to with my oldest. Great post!

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