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The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Diamond Jewelry

I’m so excited to present this guest post from Samantha Braddy! Did you recently get engaged? Are diamonds on your holiday wishlist? Do you know the best ways to care for these precious gems? Read on…Samantha has written The Ultimate Guide To Caring For your Diamond Jewelry!

Someone once said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, and the truth is that women really adore these precious little things that make their lives much more beautiful. If you have a piece of diamond jewelry of your own, you’re a lucky one! Just stay with us and find out how to keep it in perfect shape in just seven easy steps!

Don’t wear perfumes

The truth is that perfumes contain a wide range of chemicals that are highly likely to directly react with the metal, which is exactly why you should avoid putting perfume when wearing your diamond jewelry. Those chemicals can actually increase the chances of getting rust to your diamond jewelry, which is definitely the last thing you want. However, if you still want to use a perfume, make sure to use it a couple of minutes before putting on your bling.

Keep your diamonds in a dark and cool place, but…

Your diamonds need a specific place where you can store them after wearing, and that place should be dark and cool in order to keep your precious ones in the best possible shape. Just be sure to clean your jewelry

…Don’t keep them in a velvet box

Even though jewelry often comes in velvet boxes, the truth is that you shouldn’t keep your diamonds in these. Your diamond pieces may actually lose their luster when kept in velvet boxes, so stay away from these and wrap your jewelry in cotton instead. This fabric will keep its shine and quality at the highest possible level, which is what you need in the long run.

A satin pouch is also a great alternative

Apart from cotton, satin is another great alternative when it comes to keeping your diamonds safe and sound. This fabric is also really gentle and delicate by itself, which means that your favorite pieces of jewelry won’t get damaged. Needless to say, your diamonds will remain shiny and fabulous in such pouches, so get them as soon as possible if you already haven’t!

Never sleep in your jewelry

No matter how tired you are, taking off your jewelry is an absolute must before going to bed. Even though it may seem harmless, sleeping with the jewelry on can actually do more harm than good – not to you, but to your favorite pieces. Doing so is likely to lead to tarnish, and even some minor scratches can make your jewelry look unattractive and worn out. This is exactly why you should remove each piece before going to bed – even diamond engagement rings should be taken off. Better safe than sorry, right?

Never overlap them

Every time you overlap your favorite diamond pieces, you’re actually at risk of getting them scratched and damaged. Every piece has its own story and is a unique work of a skillful craftsman, so treat it with respect and store it separately. Just get a satin pouch for every piece of your diamond jewelry and you can be sure that your pieces will always be as new as when you first bought them.

Handle your diamonds carefully

Diamonds aren’t easy to clean since they’re natural magnets for grease, so you’ll have to take extra care of them no matter what. Whenever you take your diamond jewelry in your hands, the oils from your fingers are likely to adhere to its surface and therefore affect its shine and brilliance. That’s why you should handle them carefully and take good care of them the moment you take them off. Clean them with a cotton fabric and store properly afterwards, away from direct air and heat.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you should pay attention to if you want to take proper care of your diamond jewelry. Just make sure to stick to our tips and you’ll do it like a pro without any doubt!

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