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What I Love About The Christmas Season

Blogmas 2017 has had me thinking ALOT about what I like (and don’t like…stay tuned for my “Grinch list” tomorrow) about this time of year!

I put together a list of the top twenty things I love about Christmas. How many are on your list??

  1. The excitement of my children
  2. The Christmas scents: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Pine
  3. Snow!!
  4. Picking and giving gifts
  5. Wreaths
  6. Gingerbread
  7. Sitting by the fireplace
  8. Christmas jammies
  9. Family gatherings
  10. Christmas music
  11. Christmas movies
  12. Reading The 25 Books Of Christmas with my kids
  13. Wrapping presents
  14. Baking with my Mom
  15. Watching my kids tear into their presents
  16. Red and green M&Ms
  17. Putting money in the Salvation Army red kettles
  18. Ornaments
  19. Houses decorated with Christmas Lights
  20. Our Annual Neighborhood Holiday Party

What do you love about the Christmas Season? Are there things I’ve left off? Who knows…they may show up on tomorrow’s list (wink, wink)

4 thoughts on “What I Love About The Christmas Season

  1. Some of this stuff I do year-round so I get extra happy when the rest of the world catches up with me. I love Christmas music and movies. So whenever I’m down I pop it on.

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